50 Men Faking It On Film [NSFW]

Usually, it's women who are accused of faking it in bed, so maybe that's why we're so impressed with male actors who make their onscreen orgasms look so convincing. Here, we present a comprehensive reel of climaxes from over 50 (non-pornographic) films.

I feel like I've learned a lot about human sexuality over the past few weeks, in which I've viewed nothing but sex scenes. For the most part, sex scenes in movies are typically based on one of three things: Humiliation, humor, or filth—and sometimes all of the above. The movies I've watched for my research were all non-pornographic (although some really pushed the envelope on that: Shortbus, Brown Bunny, Ken Park, 9 Songs to name a few), but it was interesting to see how prevalent dirty, kinky, and taboo are in comparison to boring old "romance." The fact that incest seems to be such a common theme upon which to base a film (Savage Grace, Spanking the Monkey, The Dreamers) reveals how there are very few boundaries when it comes to sexual fantasy.

Here is a list of films (in order of appearance) from which these clips were culled.


Step Brothers
I Love You, Phillip Morris
Savage Grace
Bad Lieutenant
Little Children
The Silence of the Lambs
Ken Park
Midnight Express
The Rules of Attraction
There's Something About Mary
Grandma's Boy
Forrest Gump
The Last Detail
Life as a House
American Pie
Y Tu Mamá También
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
8 Mile
Revolutionary Road
Van Wilder
Basic Instinct
The Matrix Reloaded
Another Day in Paradise
Boogie Nights
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Monster's Ball
Blue Valentine
The Life of David Gale
The Lover
The Color Purple
Biloxi Blues
The Cooler
Being John Malkovich
A Fish Called Wanda

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hotpinklovesofa has left the building

That 8 Mile sex scene was so uncomfortable to watch in the theatre. It was a bunch of us all with our boyfriends and the longer the scene went on the quieter it got in the theatre and everyone started looking around at anything and anyone except the screen. It was like we accidentally barged in on someone and if we could have tiptoed out of there we might have.