Mom & Daughters Survive Tornado In Tanning Bed

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On Wednesday a tornado ripped through Trenton, Georgia, but Lisa Rice and her daughters Stormy and Sky managed to survive by taking shelter in a tanning bed. Rice, who had just opened the tanning salon three weeks ago, told the girls to crowd into the tanning bed as they saw the twister approaching. "We just laid there for a few minutes," she said. "I kept telling them just to be quiet, it's not over. And the wind kept blowing and then finally it calmed down and we got out and climbed out of the building." The brick wall of the building was gone, but all three were uninjured.


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Some of these survival stories are amazing. This one goes right up there with sheer luck.

A girl who went to Bama died while hiding in her closet (she apparently got sucked out of the apartment??), while her roommate and also her boyfriend were in a similar area of the same apartment and survived. Its just tragic. She was supposed to graduate this Spring, too. [[]