Jenn Sterger Sues Publicist For Dick Pics

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Jenn Sterger is suing her publicist in both New York and Florida, claiming that he still has Brett Favre's texts — and cock shots — and is trying to use them to write a tell-all book.


According to the New York Post, Sterger filed suit yesterday in Manhattan Supreme Court against ex-publicist Phillip Reese, demanding that he return all the texts and other communications. She filed a similar suit in Florida in March — Deadspin has the text of that suit, which states that Sterger and Reese once had an agreement to write a book together about her experiences with Favre. Sterger later pulled out, but Reese wanted to go ahead without her — and she now apparently hopes that getting him to return what the suit calls the "Sterger materials" will scuttle his plans for a book. Of these materials, Sterger's lawyer says,

She never gave them as a gift for them to keep and use as they saw fit. These are her materials, they were private materials. Again, they weren't materials she leaked to the media.

It remains unclear whether Reese will have to return the sexts, but keeping them against Sterger's will does seem like — pardon the pun — a dick move. So does deciding to go ahead with a book against her wishes. A publicist's supposed to help his client, not capitalize on her sexual harassment. We hope his book never hits shelves, but if it does, it's unlikely that a client will trust him with sensitive information again.

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