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These Prada Boots Are Not For Black Ladies

Illustration for article titled These Prada Boots Are Not For Black Ladies

To be fair, the Mary Jane boots by Prada also come in blue suede and python. Guess brown-skinned women who love this quirky trompe l'oeil look will have to buy those! Because the "flesh"-colored ones definitely don't represent the fleshtones of black people. Not a big deal, really, but definitely interesting. Since the brand is notorious for not casting any black models. Not just one season. For years and years. More than a decade, actually. Not one black model on their runways for more than ten years.

Illustration for article titled These Prada Boots Are Not For Black Ladies

So! Anyway, it's not surprising that they didn't consider making a dark version, just disappointing. On the bright side, now we won't have to snicker at Michelle Obama, Oprah, Halle Berry, Tyra, Beyoncé or Rihanna for sporting these silly shoes.

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I'm definitely not defending Prada, but a couple of things....

1. One of Pradas major brand ambassadors is a Black Woman... Shala Monroque, she's actually given incentives to wear the brand to events, shows, etc.

2. Naomi walked for Prada and over ten years later it was Jourdan Dunn.

3. The woman who casts Prada as well as many other Italian brands is Black

4. Fashion companies have this twisted mentality... 3 parts racism 1 part classicism shake, stir, season to taste. Its not just about excluding black people, its about excluding the "wrong type" of black person. And the "right type" is so rare why bother making items just for them anyways...