Controversial Documentary About Diana's Death Set To Premiere This Week At Cannes

Tomorrow marks the start of this year's Cannes Film Festival, and it's already spawned a controversy much more serious than Lindsay Lohan skipping out on court-ordered alcohol classes to party on the French Riviera.


Yes, this year Cannes will serve as the setting for the premiere of UNLAWFUL KILLING (that's with caps, and don't you forget it), a documentary entirely about the conspiracies behind the late Princess Diana's death. William and Kate may have picked the perfect time to go away on their Honeymoon.

The film is causing so much of an uproar in Britain that theaters are refusing to show the film — largely due to the graphic images of Diana. The photos in question feature the late princess among car wreckage just moments away from death. These images have never seen the light of day in the U.K.

UNLAWFUL KILLING is the directorial debut of well-known British actor Keith Allen, and it's no coincidence that the movie is premiering in the year that would have marked Diana's 50th birthday. The project is backed by Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi, who has long-since claimed that Prince Phillip was behind Diana's death. It's obvious why the Royal Family would wants to keep the film out of England, but do they have a right to? Nope.

CANNES 2011: Trailer For UNLAWFUL KILLING, The Keith Allen Documentary on Princess Diana [The Peoples Movies]



God do I hate conspiracy theories. May I quickly dispatch a few?

1. Egyptians built the pyramids.

2. Oswald killed JFK.

3. The Bermuda Triangle is not a thing.

4. Bin Laden is dead.

5. Paul McCartney is not.

6. Our President is an American.

7. Americans landed on the moon.

8. The Da Vinci Code is FICTION, not a documentary.

To one degree or another, I'll wrestle anybody to a standstill about any of those points. Especially number two. That one really steams me.