Italians Find Jersey Shore Cast Stupid, Fascinating

The Today show actually sent a reporter — foreign correspondant Michelle Kosinski — to Florence to cover the arrival of Snooki, JWoww, The Situation and the rest. Though one Italian woman expressed disdain for the guidos ("They're full of tattoo. They're drunk. I think they are stupid"), the cast is being followed by a horde of townspeople, just like Colin Firth in Love, Actually. Except much less charming. Can the cameras capture any "reality" of how these kids act in a different country when they're treated like celebrities? Every dinner, club outing and sight-seeing experience is going to be carefully plotted by producers. You can tell, by the way Deena exclaims, "Why am I not allowed to ask?" when they pass a restaurant that they're under some strict rules and instructions, and don't have permission to do much. The whole thing seems like a clusterfuck. Meanwhile, Michelle Kosinski, who patronizingly corrects the mayor of Florence's pronunciation of "Snooki," actually says something to the effect of, "They're not allowed to shoot here, inside the magnificent Uffizi gallery… I'm from Jersey, and we're allowed!" Eyeroll.



I'm waiting to see if they turn out like this two people I went to italy with on a group trip that complained everywhere that the food wasn't "authentic italian" like their parents made and why was there no chicken parm. We're in italy this is authentic italian. Head desk.