Ivanka Trump: Obama's Bad Because "He Doesn't Have A Business Mind"

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Here is a photo of Ivanka Trump dressed as a pregnant Playboy bunny. This image fits neatly into Harper's Bazaar's long tradition of WTF Ivanka portraits. Even more WTF are Ivanka's thoughts on politics.


Accomplished reality TV host Donald Trump's announcement that his bizarre, nativity-themed insurgent candidacy for the presidency of the United States was ending before it really began came too late for Harper's Bazaar's deadlines. (It happens even in the best of homes.) So now that it's safely beside the point, here is the Donald's diamond-shilling daughter's take on things. There's wanting to support your father, and then there's, well, this:

"I think he's exactly what we need. He's the best equipped to deal with the most important issues this nation has, which is ultimately that we're suffering under a massive burden of debt. We need a very acute financial mind to get us out of this mire. America is the largest corporation on the planet. You wouldn't hire a novice to run a similarly sized company in the private markets. My father has created more jobs through his private businesses than certainly any of the candidates."

Trump did not vote for Obama in 2008; the story doesn't say whether she voted for McCain, or bothered voting at all. "Of course [once Obama was elected] I wanted him to succeed, but he's proven to be a very ineffective leader. He has just not risen to the occasion. He doesn't have business experience or a business mind."

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She's not totally wrong on the America as a corporation statement, as sad as it is. Money runs this country, money gets shit done. Lobbyists give/ raise money for certain groups, those groups get behind legislature, and those bills get passed in congress because they were "paid" for. We're capitalists and we're the best damn capitalists on the planet. Sad but true.