Sunday Night Sweet Talk

Because tomorrow's a day free of work for most Americans, think of today as Saturday II, and tonight as another chance to make bad decisions and/or atone for bad decisions past.


You all know the drill- kick back and chat about whatever suits your fancy, but refrain from internet fistfights. This video and the ridiculous song contained therein is brought to you by my brain, which has had this song stuck in it all day long.

Enjoy the nigh, and see you next weekend!



Is it really that weird to read fanfic the same purposes of porn? I mean, I've only seen porn in passing in a college class on gender, and it was freaky-fucking-scary. I think fanfic about television or movie characters is different.

I LOVE it, but I feel like people are weird about it. Is it really that weird? Why would people be weirded out by it?

On that note, can we get some Pirates 4 fanfic up in this bitch, please? Missionaries are certainly inappropriately hot...