The Hangover II: Too Hang, Too Over Makes Perplexing Amount of Money

Transphobic bro-down comedy The Hangover Part II face tattooed its way into America's collective tube meat-packed heart this Memorial Day weekend, raking in $86.5 million.

But the film about homosocial bonding wasn't the only movie drawing audiences to theaters; early estimates project that United Statesians will have spent almost $270 million at the movies during this kickoff to summer weekend. We all must have been really bored, either that or the weather everywhere was as shitty as it is here in Chicago (I couldn't tell if it was day or night until about 2 hours ago)

Lady filled ladyhit Bridesmaids is projected to come in 4th this weekend.

Hangover Hurls Up Huge Numbers [Yahoo]

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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ : Bear Privilege is a Liberal Hoax

Serious question... why is the Jezebel commentariat so consistently pants-on-head-stupid on what does or does not constitute transphobia? I mean seriously, the whole "OH NOES I BANGED A TRANNY" is like, the consummate trope of transphobia whenever trans women come up in movies, and it's a really fucked up thing to drum up in order to get a cheap laugh from your idiot audience, BECAUSE TRANS WOMEN GET MURDERED AT A RIDICULOUSLY HIGH RATE FOR THIS SORT OF TRANS PANIC.

And yet whenever a fat woman's body is portrayed as being gross or disgusting or something "normal" men would not want unless they were intoxicated incites "ALL MY FUCKING RAGE" from pretty much all Jez commenters. And I'm REALLY struggling to see the difference between that and this.