Beijing School Is One Giant, Institutionalized Pimp

A school in Beijing is offering a course—at $46 an hour—that teaches women how to marry a billionaire, giving students the necessary life skills to win the hearts of wealthy men. This includes, but is not limited to, the basics of makeup and dressing well, etiquette, and how to read a man's personality based on facial expressions in a photograph. One student—who has it all figured out—said of her decision to enroll in the course, "If I can marry a rich man, at least I won't have any worries." Additionally, wealthy bachelors can pay a fee—$4600—for a chance to meet with students in order to look for a suitable mate, which would mean that by getting money out of both female students and their potential male partners, this school in Beijing is basically a pimp.

Marrying a billionaire — yes, it can be taught! [Shanghaiist]

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The school, Beijing-CaChing, also offers a course in fame whoring where students are given a directory of paparazzi to call and are then trained in the delicate art of looking excessively annoyed when they arrive at a predetermined location.