Eighth Graders Take A Field Trip To Hooters

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Last week students from Berwick Middle School in Pennsylvania took a trip to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and wound up observing buxom ladies and their prey, the chicken wing, in their natural habitat. The group of 100 split into smaller groups for lunch, and about 15 to 20 kids dined in in Hooters. No parents have complained, but the school's superintendant says he wishes the "coed" chaperones had selected another restaurant.


Certainly the choice was inappropriate, but as someone who was escorted to Hooters as a child by her deadbeat dad, I can confirm that the kids probably weren't traumatized. If anything, they may be confused; for years I couldn't understand what my mom had against owls.


My FIL takes my stepson (who is under 10) to Hooters about once a summer. I suppose he started this when my son was a baby, because the waitresses all gathered and cooed at the adorable baby and the FIL and his buddy got more attention than they otherwise would have. Ever since it has been an outing that they enjoy together, just the two of them or occasionally with the FIL's buddy.

While it isn't my favorite thing in the world, it doesn't really do any damage. The FIL is a diehard Republican and while he may say things that I find misogynistic at times, I have no problem correcting him or pointing out how his statements are hurtful to both me and his wife (and honestly, a lot of his behavior stems from the fact that he is an upper middle class white man who has never had anyone challenge anything he says [when it comes to the misogynistic stuff] until I came along).

He always treats the waitresses with respect, tips well, and doesn't teach my son negative behaviors. He keeps his rare misogynistic comments for the adults only, and my son being somewhat familiar with that restaurant gives us a chance to discuss social issues that might otherwise be challenging to introduce to him.

I certainly don't think this was a great idea for a school-run outing, but there are much worse places the kids could have gone, especially considering that they can see more skin on an 8pm network tv show than you do at Hooters.

Plus, fried pickles!