Posters On NYC Cop's Block Call Him A Rapist

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Last week, former New York City cop Kenneth Moreno was acquitted of the rape of a 29-year-old woman, though he and his partner were convicted of misconduct and stripped of their jobs. This week, a tipster in the neighborhood noticed these posters on and around Moreno's Brooklyn block.

The acquittal sparked widespread outrage, including at a protest outside the courthouse a week ago. Posters with Moreno's face and "NYPD Rapist" quickly appeared in the alleged victim's former neighborhood of the East Village. These, posted on 20th Street near 4th avenue and nearby blocks, hit closer to home. (The Morenos are listed, and their block also appeared in local tabloids.)

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This one didn't last long.

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I am 100% for this. When the system stops failing and actually delivers justice for rape victims, then we can talk about how this may set a "precedent" for people putting up posters.

Because, quite frankly, people already DO put up posters and signs and harangue abortion clinics and shame rape victims and force them to cheer for their rapist when he's on the basketball team. And a hell of a lot of foul things are protected by free speech, no matter how hateful it is. This is NOTHING compared to what millions of women go through just to try and get LEGAL services or justice for sexual assault.

This is people trying to warn their neighbors that someone who faked a 9/11 call to go to a drunken woman's house three times in one night, admitted to "using a condom" when taped under a wire, who's defense was "I just cuddled with her half naked", who's attorney's answer to the woman's bruised cervix was "she must have scrubbed too hard," and who's wife is blaming not JUST the victim but ALL victims by saying trying to get money by saying you were raped is common among young women, who anyone with the most BASIC understanding of the facts of the case would call a rapist- this person is in town.

Now, maybe some people would prefer if they listed the facts of the case instead of just calling him a rapist. But the fact of the matter is people here who are protesting this are also people who believe Moreno raped this woman. Well anonymous posters can easily be torn down: comments on an oft visited news site saying he's guilty as sin which remain permanent contribute to a nation, even GLOBAL wide belief that he is guilty for every person who looks up his name on the internet. And frankly, in a day and age when you can find registered sex offenders by using your phone, I don't think letting people know someone who people are comparing to OJ in terms of shamelessly getting off for a crime he should have paid for is all that big a deal.

I don't think this is vigilante justice or revenge, and if it is? Good. When our justice system starts giving justice to rape victims THEN we can talk. Until then, I am NOT going to cry over poor Moreno because someone put up a couple posters warning the people around his home that he lives there so they can be on the look out for him. No way.