Connecticut Gives Service Workers Paid Sick Leave

"Governor Malloy said, "This is good public policy and specifically, good public health." He added: "Why would you want to eat food from a sick restaurant cook? Or have your children taken care of by a sick day care worker? The simple answer is - you wouldn't. And now, you won't have to."

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Truthfact: restaurants and schools, always short/under-staffed, actually encourage their workers to come in while sick. This is usually because it's easier than dealing with the hassle of finding a replacement or working short handed. I say this as someone who has taught for years.

(And also as someone who has been told endless, disgusting gritty details of what goes on in a kitchen, which is one of the highest rated and most famous in a huge city. Shudder.)

ETA: just of note, I don't condone this, but people in jobs like these aren't given many options. I think teachers in public schools get 10 sick days a year? And cooks get 0? Feel free to correct me if my experiences have been more negative than others'!