Michelle Obama Will Appear On iCarly

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Next week Michelle Obama will follow up her appearance on Sesame Street by guest starring on iCarly. The episode, which is expected to air in January, will promote Joining Forces, an initiative that supports service members and their families.


On the show, Miranda Cosgrove's character is the daughter of an unseen U.S. Air Force Officer stationed on a submarine. In the episode, "Carly and her friends will break some rules to set up a web chat between Carly and her dad on his birthday. The first lady apparently learns of the mischievous behavior and intervenes to speak with them." Hopefully the filming won't take long. If Obama spends more than a few hours on set, she runs the risk of being transformed into a singing, dancing, tween-marketing machine.

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Are there any other grown women out there who watch this show simply because they want to do unholy things involving peanut butter with the older brother?

Yeah, me too.