Porn For Straight Girls: Gushing Over "Gush: The Official Guide To The G-Spot"


I flew all the way to New York to wrangle this DVD from Ottimo Massimo. No joke. I mean, I was coming to New York for other reasons too, but this was a big freaking deal. And whoa, Carol Queen totally surpassed my extremely high expectations. [Fleshbot NSFW]

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Yeah I don't think I can do this. We've tried a couple times with my Bf, because the squirting really turns him on, and of course it was a little frustrating. For both of us. Then again, apparently some people need to try like 40 times. All this G-spot talk just makes us "difficult" girls feel inadequate. Then you sleep with guys and I feel like they don't like you as much just because the other bitches they sleep with are so much "easier" to please. Oh I'm sorry, douche, I don't have feelings for you! Ergo, it's a no go, k?

- haha, that went a bit off-subject. Clearly, I have some bitterness issues.