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College student Alexandria J. Baker Pierce drove to Durham on Friday with two friends to tell the guy she'd slept with that she hadn't in fact given him herpes. Brinton Marcell Millsap, 23, responded by fatally shooting all three and then killing himself.


Millsap's brother told the Raleigh News-Observer that he had lupus, and was "outraged" at the apparently false rumor that Pierce had given him herpes.

That rumor, according to Pierce's mom, was started by one of her daughter's friends, "who was like a daughter to me." She said her daughter "taught 2-year-olds at a Greensboro day care center, liked to cook big meals for her friends and since high school had a personalized license plate she adored that said 'worldluv.'"


Millsap had told one of the friends he would later murder that if he tested positive for herpes, he was going to kill Pierce. Another friend said Millsap had recently been told of his lupus that he didn't have long to live.

Rumor Of STD Led To Slayings, Relatives Say [News Observer]

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