Should Husbands Be Rewarded For Being Functional Human Beings?

Australian Today host Karl Stefanovic has a brilliant idea: Married couples should operate on an incentive program, akin to that of frequent flyer rewards, in which husband can accumulate points for doing household tasks like vacuuming or dish-washing, that can be collected and cashed in for a "trip to Thailand with his mates" or a "Sunday at the pub." Stefanovic thinks that women shouldn't "expect something for nothing." Sure, Stefanovic was half-joking—but only half. In the same vein as the "40 Beads" system, this whole "men need an incentive" to behave like grown ups is not only irksome, but apparently incredibly common, or at least common enough that it can evoke playful chuckles from others in a studio instead of the eye rolls it deserves. It only plays into the (evidently not) antiquated notion that men should be rewarded—whether it's with sex or "mileage points"—for lowering themselves to the same meager chores that are expected to be performed by women as some sort of responsibility that comes with having a vagina.


The Husband Rewards Plan [BuzzFeed]

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Eh. I solved this problem with my partner by hiring a maid to come in once a week to clean everything, do the dishes and deal with most of the laundry. It stopped nearly all of our arguments, costs me only 40 euros a week and she says it's the most romantic gift any dude has every gotten her.