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Here Are Images Of Your Lady Android Phone

Illustration for article titled Here Are Images Of Your Lady Android Phone

It looks like the rumored ladies-only Android phone is a reality. Above, what is said to be an image of the HTC Bliss, with nary a pink heart in sight.


Early Droid ads went out of their way to alienate women, referring to the iPhone as "tiara-wearing, digitally clueless beauty pageant queen," and declaring the Droid a robot, "not a princess." Little is known about the phone seen above, cradled in a sea-foam green dock that may be a wireless charger. (One commenter on the website This Is My Next called it "womb-like.") We don't even know if what was reported from the focus groups — "the mockups had shopping comparison and calorie counting apps - you know, because every woman watches the pounds" — ended up in the final product.

Illustration for article titled Here Are Images Of Your Lady Android Phone

This Is My Next, which had initially reported the phone's existence, also said there was going to be a "charm indicator" that would help women fish the phone out of their bags. This might be it, along with bluetooth headset.

Far be it for us to stand in the way of differentiated marketing, but it's truly hard to imagine what this phone can offer women in particular that actually aligns with gender and not, say, preference for a real keyboard over a touchscreen. But maybe that's just us. Girls, are you sold?

HTC Bliss Leaked Image Confirms Our Report Of Female-Focused Android Phone [This Is My Next]
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Kat Callahan

Ladies only? What, do they require a DNA test proving you have two X chromosomes before you can sign the contract? Do they have ex-TSA agents reach down your pants ready to disqualify you if they find a penis?