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See The World's First Stop-Motion Nail Art

This Kia commercial shows off some of the Picanto's features via fingernail art, presumably because it's a small, brightly-colored car aimed at the ladies. We actually don't learn that much about the car, but knowing that a team of manicurists spent 25 days straining their eyes to bring us this ad guilted us into paying closer attention.


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You do learn a lot about the car, actually.

- LED Headlamps and rear lamps

- 7 airbags

- Compact car in lots of colors

- 4.1 litre/100km, CO2 emissions are 95 g/km

- Kia "Picanto"

Now... are men on average interested in a small, economical, low-emission car? Probably. But in thinking of the grand majority of younger women? This is around what they're looking for. Even check out the new Honda Civic commercials.

Me? Personally? I need more space for gear and things. Not sure I can manage a hatchback.

But honestly I can see where their marketing is getting at. At least they're not all pink and pastels.