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Jezebel Event: Watch Dirty Dancing At Our Place

Illustration for article titled Jezebel Event: Watch emDirty Dancing/em At Our Place

Hey, remember that awesome movie you used to watch all the time on basic cable and smuggled VHS tapes, and then you grew up and realized it also happened to have a strong female lead, a ridiculously hot sex scene, and pro-choice values? We do too! And we're excited to invite you to watch it with us on Monday, August 8 on our rooftop in New York in a benefit for the New York Abortion Access Fund.


Best of all, screenwriter and producer Eleanor Bergstein will make a rare appearance for a Q&A. Watermelons optional.


Here's what you have to do to come:

  • Go here and donate $25 (more if you like) to NYAAF.
  • Email to confirm your spot on the list. If you donated anonymously, please forward us confirmation of your donation.

We have very limited capacity and strongly encourage buying tickets in advance. And anyway, aren't you scared of closing out of this post and never feeling the rest of your whole life the way you'll feel when you're watching this movie for a good cause?

Rooftop Screening Of Dirty Dancing [Crowdrise]

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This sounds great! My grandmother-in-law's 2nd favorite movie of all time is this movie. She'd love to go if she hadn't recently fractured her hip! (She's too embarrassed about her walker).