Woman Goes Into Labor, Finishes Bar Exam Anyway

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A woman just took the Illinois bar exam while in "active labor," and not only did she finish, she gave birth to a healthy baby less than two hours later, according to Above The Law.

"She calmly finished, went to the hospital, and had her baby an hour or two later. Girl's a real trooper," one of her friends told the blog. Conveniently, the hospital where the woman gave birth was across the street from the exam site.

The woman was in Northwestern's accelerated law program, where she was top-ranked and was on the law review. She also has two federal judicial clerkships already lined up. All of which inspired a somewhat rare show of feminism in a normally pretty hostile precinct: "I'd love to see a lawyer make a 'women can't be partners because they have babies" joke around this remarkable woman."


Pregnant Woman Takes Bar Exam While In Labor, Delivers Baby Right After [Above The Law]

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