Sisters Kicked Off Southwest Flight For Crying

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As part of its mission to offend every segment of society, Southwest Airlines has moved on from harassing overweight people, Muslims, and its own employees, and turned its attention to people who cry.


On Wednesday Ricci Wheatley and her sister Robin Opperman were removed from a flight from Oakland, California to Dallas, Texas, according to the Daily Mail. The sisters were going to see their father, who just suffered a heart attack. Wheatley says that the incident started when:

I broke down and started to cry and I'm a little bit afraid to fly, so I said to the stewardess as she was passing, "When you're going to be serving, I'll have a glass of wine." She said, "I think you've had enough." Of course I hadn't had any on the airplane.


To be fair, noting that she didn't have a drink on the airplane implies that some alcohol consumption happened in the airport. However, her sister insists she wasn't rowdy. "She was very quiet, softly crying. It was not a crying that anybody would hear," said Opperman.

Yet, a Southwest spokesman describes the incident as a "verbal altercation with the flight attendant." She probably screamed her booze demands after trying unsuccessfully to smash a plastic wine glass and shove it in the flight attendant's face, as that's what people do when they want a favor. The Southwest rep continues:

"It's very rare for something like that to occur. But if we have any concerns about a confrontation between a customer and an employee, you definitely want to address that on the ground."

The airline put the sisters on the next available spot and sprung for a hotel room because it was on Thursday. And while the sisters have thus stumbled on a great method of scoring free hotel stays, if you're actually more focused on seeing your ill relative for what may be their last moments, be sure to keep your weeping to a minimum.

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This is going to sound really insensitive but if you can't handle flying, don't do it. I know quite a few people who are terrified of flying and they drive or find another means of getting to the destination. I've done a decent amount of flying the past 7 years and have had to deal with some people who really shouldn't have been on the plane in the first place. Fear is contagious and it freaks everyone on the plane out when someone is screaming and crying at the slightest bit of turbulence.