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Groom Sues Runaway Bride For Emotional Distress

Illustration for article titled Groom Sues Runaway Bride For Emotional Distress

In Malaysia, Masran Abdul Rahman and his family are suing his former fiancée Norzuliyana Mat Hassan for leaving him just six hours before their wedding. Rahman says he suffered distress and embarassment when he was forced to call off the elaborate wedding for 1,200 guests. The AP notes, "His lawyer said the would-be bride didn't give any reason for backing out of the arranged marriage." So weird, right? Why would anyone have second thoughts about going through with an arranged marriage?


Image via Lana K/Shutterstock.

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I usually have a kneejerk reaction to these kinds of lawsuits but when you really think about it, it does seem pretty awful. Can you imagine, on what is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, the day when everyone you love most in the world is there to witness you get married and instead you get jilted. You're embarrassed, you're pissed and your confused. I'm cynical sometimes but I guess I can dig it. I'm not necessarily talking about cases like this where the marriage was arranged but in cases where the two have been together and in love for years.