Michele Bachmann Caught Lying About Family Reunion

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Michele Bachmann is quite fond of repeating herself, but she may have put herself in hot water by lying again and again about her whereabouts on Sunday. On Fox News Sunday, she told Chris Wallace she was looking forward to her family reunion, saying, "We're having a big family reunion today in northeastern Iowa so I'll get to go and see all my relatives." Later when she was asked why she was late to the Black Hawk County Republican Party dinner in Waterloo, she referenced the reunion again and said she'd visited a "shut-in." Yet, two of her cousins and her own mother say she wasn't there.


Now we have to question everything Bachmann's been incessantly repeating for the past few months. Were there really 243 foster children? Is she actually running for president? Does she even love America?! If you ask us, Bachmann's not fit to shake the hand of that Honest Abe impersonator.

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see you in rach-hell only comments on tswift now

The only thing I got from this article was that she was shaking hands with an Abe Lincoln impersonator. Thank goodness because that guy was creeping me the F out.