Meet TLC's Latest, Doll-Obsessed Star

Meet Marilyn Mansfield, a woman who we assume took the names of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield and who also happens to own over 500 "reborn dolls." (Yes, those kinds of dolls.) So is it any surprise that TLC recruited her for their latest reality offering, My Collection Obsession? Of course it's not.


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Hey, she's not hurting anybody. Seems to have a good relationship with her husband and kids. I felt like the anchors, especially the woman, were trying to make it more sensational than it is. Does anyone know what other kind of collections the show is going to feature? Because I could think of things that are actually really creepy...

ETA: What was interesting to me about the clip is that she has kids. I would think normal psychology (bad term, I'm not sure how to phrase it exactly) would suggest or expect you to think she has this specific reborn doll obsession to somehow compensate for being infertile or just never having kids. So I wonder what the psychology is for her specific "obsession." Maybe the episode delves into it more.