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Mmm ... Favorite Recipes From The Simpsons

Illustration for article titled Mmm ... Favorite Recipes From emThe Simpsons/em

The folks at Warming Glows' TV Gourmet have prepared and sampled five recipes featured on The Simpsons, including Tom Collins Pot Pie, Corn Nog, and the ever-popular 64 Slices of American Cheese. Try it, it's good for what ails ya! (Not really. The brave taste-tester reports that after 23 slices he was, "just left with a stomach full of gurgling viscous semi-solid orange goo and perhaps a few precious shreds of my dignity.")


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Sorcia MacNasty

This seriously needs to be a blog. Everyone on this thread remembers more and more hilarious recipes! Surely we have enough friends/children/paid employees to test the food on, between all of us here at Jez Nation! I say Blog It Up, kids!