Absolutely Fabulous Is Absolutely Coming Back To TV

Sweetie, darling, sweetie, darling, is that a bee? No, darling, it's Patsy and Eddie taping new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, sweetie. Get me the champers, Saffy. No, darling, the other champ—thank you, sweetie. These brand new episodes, sweetie, are gonna be broadcast on BBC later this year to mark AbFab's 20th anniversary. In the meantime, darling, why not re-watch this French & Saunders sketch where the idea of a self-obsessed mildly alcoholic fashion magazine editor and her long-suffering daughter and enabling best friend first germinated? Starts at 8:25. Cheers to that, darling. Sweetie. Darling.


But sweetie, darling, the clip is from French & Saunders, a totally different - sketch - show. A show I loved by the way, Absolutely Fab was too much over the top for me. Mildly funny only.