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Dirty Dancing Game Is Coming To Facebook

Illustration for article titled emDirty Dancing/em Game Is Coming To Facebook

Dirty Dancing has one of the most popular Facebook fan pages, and now Lionsgate is capitalizing on this by launching an online game based on the film. We were hoping for a virtual Johnny who could repeatedly perform lifts, pummel Robbie, and pull Baby from corners, but the studio is going with an interactive experience set in the Catskills. The Wrap reports:

The studio says that players will join the characters to build their own resorts, provide guests with activities and dances, spread romance, sample music from the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack and generally have the time of their lives.

To create their resorts, players can use the game's watermelon currency to purchase virtual items like tennis courts and decorate with everything from hedges to jukeboxes.

In addition, they must host dance shows — the most successful of which will generate "romance waves," which will help restore luster to their mountain getaways.


It's definitely silly, but we'd rather have Facebook friends asking us to perform "De Todo Un Poco" instead of demanding that we do chores on their the farm.

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I'd rather have Dirty Dancing Monopoly, with cards that say "Chance: You slept with Robbie. Pay $500 for abortion." or "Chance: Sleep with older woman at the resort. Collect $200.'

And Jail should be renamed The Corner, and the corresponding get out of jail free card would of course say "Nobody puts baby in the corner.