Do Anti-Sex Trafficking Ads Really Need To Be This Graphic?

Illustration for article titled Do Anti-Sex Trafficking Ads Really Need To Be This Graphic?

Copyranter draws our attention to these ads out of Singapore in opposition to sex trafficking. (There's also one against exploitative domestic employment agencies). We're torn: Do the illustrations showing miserable-looking girls performing sex acts just behind the walls of daily life force you to face grim reality, or do they risk being titillating? (Click to enlarge).


RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

I really like this tact actually. The illustrations of these little girls is still childlike, you can't escape that these are CHILDREN, and the sad, vaguely scary zombie eye gives you a chill about what is happening to them. About two years ago, most of the "massage" parlors in my town were shut down, and I had some arguments with the "aw shucks it's just a hand/blow job. it"s not like anyone's getting hurt" guys. But they are. Children and girls are bought and sold and traded across continents and no one wants to talk about it or deal with it or see it. This sort of visceral illustration may titillate a few sickos, but maybe if the reality for these girls was clearer, we'd see a more concentrated effort being made to stop it.