Man Builds Vagina That's Big Enough To Sleep In [NSFW]

Illustration for article titled Man Builds Vagina Thats Big Enough To Sleep In [NSFW]

Oh, okay, wow. This man is crawling slowly out of tent shaped like a giant vagina! Why? Well, maybe it's best if we don't start down the road of asking questions because we will probably never know the answers to things like, "What is with the cheerful whistling?" and "Do his parents know that he's using their garage to build a giant foam lady that he can fuck using his entire body as a penis?" It's better to just appreciate this for what it is: the work of a skilled craftsperson who has forever changed the meaning of the phrase "sleep tight."

Seriously, now that you know it is possible to recreate your birth each morning by crawling out of a giant vag and into the world, will you ever sleep anywhere but in one of these extremely convenient and anatomically correct tents? No, you will not. (In related news, an ill-advised Google search reveals that there is, in fact, more than one way to tent a vagina. You're welcome!)

[Via Buzzfeed]

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miss understandings

Um, not that I care, because my office is my bedroom, but what the hell is the point of marking it NSFW if the video still image is basically a giant woman with her legs spread? Also, you're weird dude.