Sir Otter The Brave

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Josh Siegel's animal art was such a hit on Labor Day that we're bringing it back as a regular weekly feature. Add your own requests in the comments, and maybe Josh will draw an animal for you.

This week, per awkwardcarl's request, I drew "An otter LARPing. Looking very noble. Or even better, an otter knight! Okay, an otter in some sort of medieval garb, possibly magical, looking like a BAMF. Make it happen, captain!"


I don't know what a BAMF is, but I went with an otter knight.

Check out more of Josh's drawings on his Tumblr.

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Don't fuck with the Mustelidae. It's all fun and games and floating and paw holding until you piss one off. Have you ever seen an otter up close? They have huge sharp teeth and claws. Otters are the world's cutest killing machines and they will mess your shit up.