Hooters and Twin Peaks Battle It Out To See Who Will Be America's Breast Restaurant

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This week in Georgia, the infamous restaurant chain Hooters filed suit against another restaurant called Twin Peaks, which has a similar "concept." Hooters is accusing Twin Peaks of stealing trade secrets. How many secrets—other than half-naked waitresses and chicken wings—does Hooters really have? Enough that apparently an executive that left the chain and went to work for Twin Peaks was able to take valuable "sensitive business information" with him.

It seems doubtful that Twin Peaks ( whose motto is "Eats, Drinks, Scenic Views") could ever really complete with Hooters, the behemoth chain which seems to have a restaurant on every depressing stretch of strip malls in America. Plus their concepts aren't anything alike! At Hooters, waitresses serve mediocre food while wearing white tank tops and orange shorts. At Twin Peaks, the food is brought to your table by servers who are decked out in "a mountain-themed ensemble of flannel bikini-like tops paired with tan hiker shorts." See, totally diiferent. Case dismissed.

Hooters Lawsuit Claims Rival Restaurant Stole ‘Trade Secrets' [Huffington Post]

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The deal with trade secrets is that the business strategy, formula, whatever needs to be secret. Hooters' is fairly obvious.