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Bridesmaids Deleted Scene: Megan And Air Marshall Jon's 'Sex Tape'

Illustration for article titled emBridesmaids/em Deleted Scene: Megan And Air Marshall Jons Sex Tape

Remember the happy ending that Megan received at the end of Bridesmaids? Well, thanks to the internet, now we can see exactly what transpired in this deleted scene between Megan and Air Marshall Jon (aka Melissa McCarthy and her real-life husband Ben Falcone) in a raunchy, food-filled sex tape. [NSFW-ish]

The clip strikes me as especially funny now that we've been exposed to the first incarnation of Megan and her husband's video blog. They're actually kind of similar — too bad there wasn't any Taco Bell included in the Bridesmaids outtake.


Bridesmaids Sex Tape - watch more funny videos

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Not a "People" Person

Firstly, does this really count as a deleted scene? I saw it following the credits (and it wasn't right at the end either, it was about halfway through) at the theatre.

Secondly, I loved this character and hated this joke. Maybe it's just me being over-sensitive, but I loathed that they gave the one visibly larger character the food fetish sex-scene. Because that's the only way fat chicks get laid, right? They scope around until they've found a guy who gets turned on by sandwiches. Ugh.