2 Broke Girls Thinks It's 2005, Relies Heavily On The Hipster Jokes

Maybe it's supposed to be a running gag. Maybe one of the LA-based writers thinks Brooklyn is chock-full of hipsters (FYI: many, many other people live there — 2.6 million residents!). Whatever the case, 2 Broke Girls has made a choice to have its characters relentlessly mock hipsters. Oh, there are jokes about rich people and sex, sure. As well as the groan-inducing racist character stereotypes (making the Asian man a virgin seriously taps into the vile, pervasive untruth that Asian men are not sexual; these people should be ashamed). But most of the "laughs" come from hipster jokes. How very mid-aughts! I know I said I kind of liked this show. I may have spoken too soon.


Special thanks to Roger Cormier and Aimee Lutkin for enduring these jokes and putting this footage together.

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I don't know. Here in DC, the Hipsters are still pretty pervasive. You can't get away from them. Maybe it's cus of the college kids. Maybe I've been in a bubble cus 6 years ago I was in grad school, and I didn't quite understand the Hipster concept. Have Brooklynite Hipsters moved on? Are they over it? Is it a new thing? I don't know. I'm 37 now and fully embraced the fact that I'm a dork and though I don't have a child, I'm not far from "get off my lawn!".

I readily admit that I'm behind the times and I get my dressing tips from Stacey and Clinton, and I do enjoy the show. What does that say about me? I don't really disect the dialogue with great critical thinking skills. I've had a long day at work, and after watching "How I met your Mother", and wondering, "When the hell are you gonna meet this chick?" I don't really think that hard. I'm just getting ready to brush my teeth and go to bed.