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Friends, Halloween is almost upon us. Which means candy corn, slutty beer mug costumes, and: ghost stories. And we want to hear yours.


A caveat: don't submit stories that you read or saw on TV (or made up). Ideally, we want tales of ghost visitations that happened to you — but failing that, stories told to you by family or friends work too. Within these guidelines, if you have a story that will shiver our spines and make us want to sleep with the lights on until Christmas, post it in the comments. We'll post the scariest ones on Halloween!


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This is really weird. I had pretty much the exact same experience with a passport in my own haunted house. I posted about it up thread. People always try to suggest I misplaced it or a family member was messing with me. I know this isn't the case though. Just like you, I always kept it in a specific drawer. My mom was up with me all night and in tears towards the end of it cause she knew I wasn't going to be able to go on a trip with her. I found the passport a few months later when I was cleaning out my room to go to college. I wonder what kind of interest spirits would have in a passport?