Nene And Sheree Refuse To Work Things Out In Four-Way Phone Call Battle Royale

In the time that's passed since we last saw our Real Housewives of Atlanta, a lot has happened: Kandi has a new luxury sex toy line, Phaedra's working at a funeral home, Kim has a new man and a bun in the oven (more in this later) and everybody is pissed at Nene for letting her new-found fame from her stint on The Celebrity Apprentice go to her head. No one was more pissed at Nene for supposedly letting Donald Trump's money rule her life than Sheree, and as such they decided to try and settle their quarrel in a mature way as grown women do.


Surprise! The whole thing went down in flames. Sheree thought Nene did a little double-dealing behind her back during an appearance in Philadephia, while Nene was pissed that Sheree trusted their promoter Tryone's word over hers. The ladies began to quarrel and Sheree decided to put Tyrone on speaker, which Nene counteracted by calling up her manager Diana and putting her on speakerphone as well. There was a whole lot of shouting and waving fingers in faces — during which the two parties on the telephone were saying, "I can't hear anything!" Then Nene got up and left. Because she's "a little to classy to whoop some butt in a restaurant," Sheree chased Nene out of the restaurant shouting "classy" things about Nene's teeth and "Hell-ooo, your first car was repo-ed!" over and over again. Guess a reconciliation between these two isn't in the cards just yet.

Later, we got to see what Kim "Tardy For The Party" Zolciak has been up to. Kim's got herself a new fiancé, a baby on the way, and is moving into a dream home (complete with a room to house her wigs!). And here's what Pregnant Kim is like at six weeks to her due date: "SWEEETIEEE! I'm hungry. Ariana, get me some potato chips." Then there's lots of talking about — and slapping — the sweet, young butt cheeks that belong to Kroy. (It could be worse — she could have also been singing.)



Ah, my favorite Housewives are back. Where do I begin?

1. Never did I think that I would ever be on Team Sheree, but that is what three seasons of NeNe hogging camera time with her overbearing attitude will do to someone. The difference between NeNe in Season 1 - a far more innocent time - and Season 2 onward is glaring.

2. I am actually intrigued by Funeral Phaedra. Hopefully, this means that I won't be subjected to any more lie-telling about Apollo's penal history or when little Aiden was conceived.

3. Andy needs to drop the dead weight that is Kim Zolciak. She's outlived her usefulness and I have no desire to see another season with her running Sweetie like Scarlett did Prissy in Gone with the Wind. (And yes, I'm aware that Sweetie has been freed since then, but I still don't want to see that shit.)

4. Miss Jay was a special treat, since I kept myself unspoiled for the season premiere. Loved seeing him and Cynthia cutting up.

4a. However, I'm not looking forward to seeing Papa Smurf's arrogant ass again and am hoping that Cynthia takes him up on his offer to end this marriage so that she can reunite with fine-ass Leon.

5. Bravo sure missed the boat in titling this episode, for they should've named it You Better Call Tyrone instead.