New TV Show Focuses On How You're Going To Be Alone Forever

In a recent issue of The Atlantic, Kate Bolick argues that the marriage is an ever-evolving social relationship and that, due to social and economic factors that are changing the ways that men and women behave, marriage is becoming less and less appealing to educated American women. Men are becoming less attractive as economic life partners, plus there aren't any good ones left, plus technology and stuff means that we don't need them to have kids.

Women featured in the article, including Bolick herself, are bobbing along close to age 40, mostly unconcerned with the notion of finding a man and settling down. Just living the New York life, drinking champagne alone while looking super pretty, and enjoying an endless parade of boyfriends who say funny but bad things. It will be very empowering, but also scary.


Wait, do I smell a television show? You bet I do.

The wildly popular and endlessly discussed article caught the eye of the man behind Drop Dead Diva, Josh Berman. He's teamed up with Sony to option the piece, and intends on turning it into a TV series, the likes of which the world has never seen. A groundbreaking new work that will challenge our expectations by finally daring explore the travails of a successful urban lady trying to date! The unexplored world of the woman who owns an expensive evening bag and is on The Pill!

To his credit, Drop Dead Diva isn't terrible, although it does have the word "diva" in the title. And maybe the show will do something to depart from the tired old "Be Married Or Alone Forever! Silent Tears Reflected On The Window Of A Late Night Cab Ride!" narrative so beloved yet feared in popular culture. Maybe it, like the article from which it draws, will explore the relationships of women in other countries, in other eras. Plus, it would be cool to see a storyline centering around the all-single women's commune Bolick visited in Amsterdam.

While the details have yet to be filled in, it will be a scripted show and it will probably be better than Whitney. Other things, like the title, subject matter, and actors involved in the project, have not been nailed down. What do you think it should be called?

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The thing, lately I'm thinking I'm really going to end up alone forever. I wouldn't mind seeing that reflected in a TV show which I can somewhat identify with.