Ugh, Herman Cain Accuser #2 Outed Against Her Will

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The second woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment has had her identity revealed. This time, it wasn't in a big fancy press conference with a fancy attorney at her side; it was against her wishes by a media outlet.


The Daily reports that Karen Kraushaar was one of two women to receive a cash settlement after complaining about Cain's sexual inappropriateness during employment with the National Restaurant Association. She currently works for the Treasury department, is a registered Republican, and loves golden retrievers and horseback riding. Victim-wise, the Daily piece makes her sound like she's got a pretty unassailable character. But what was she wearing?

Politico originally broke the story that led to the unfolding and ever more embarrassing saga around Cain's conduct, implying that both women who received cash settlements had been barred from talking about the entire affair. Although the restaurant association waived the confidentiality agreement, Kraushaar had opted not to speak publicly about the incident. Her lawyer said, in a statement,

Those complaints were resolved in an agreement with her acceptance of a monetary settlement. She and her husband see no value in revisiting this matter now, nor in discussing this matter further, publicly or privately. In fact, it would be extremely painful to do so.

But, you know, let's all do it anyway.

'She Is Very Reliable' [The Daily]



That horse is all sorts of adorable.