You Better Hurry Up And Get Married Today, The Most Magical Day Ever

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Are you engaged? Do you have a full wedding in your back pocket, ready to go at a moment's notice? Today's the perfect day to whip it out!


Why? Because it's 11/11/11 and if you don't get married today there's really no point in ever marrying ever.

Some cultures believe that a calendar date when all the numbers read the same may symbolize luck and fortune; other people may just think it's kinda cool. BRIDES estimates that 31,000 couples tied the knot on Sunday, October 10, last year (10/10/10)-10 times the weddings that usually occur on Sundays. This year's magic date falls on a Friday, which may mean even more celebrations (we're estimating it will reach 46,000), since everyone will have Saturday to nurse a hangover. This special date could cause an increase in the overall percentage of November weddings (currently at 6 percent), as well as Friday nuptials (which account for 14 percent of all weddings and continue to grow).

Plus, as this article points out, "it's an anniversary that's easy for, ahem, the groom to remember." Hahahaha. Men are soooo stupid! They can never remember anniversaries ever, am I right ladies? Ladies? Am I? Is this thing on?

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I didn't know men were supposed to forget anniversaries until I saw something on "Oprah" when I was in my 20s. My dad always remembers his and my mom's anniversary. Birthdays, too. Mr. Access is the same. Also, he picked our wedding date, which falls between our birthdays, so he has no excuse for forgetting it. :-)