Comment Of The Day: Let's Celebrate 11/11/11 With The Ghost Of Louis XV

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Today was a special day for corduroy enthusiasts, since the numbers of the date resemble the lines of the fabric. But did you know that corduroy has rawther illustrious origins? AndPreciousLittleofThat informs us:

True Fact:

The English word "corduroy" comes from the French "coeur du roi," meaning "heart of the king." When the fabric was invented in 1762, King Louis XV was so taken with it that he immediately ordered up a suit made entirely from light blue corduroy, with a matching saddle for his horse.

Docents at Versailles say that on clear, moonless nights, you can still hear the eerie swish-swish sound echoing through the Hall of Mirrors as the ghost of Louis makes the rounds. It's said that on the eve of World War I, the ghost appeared in front of two security guards and began wildly gesticulating to the east, as if trying to signal impending doom. Unfortunately the accompanying sounds were so similar to distant cat farts that the security guards were left in tears on the ground, doubled up with laughter.


Congrats! Special mention to miss_pia_z, who offers this delicious nugget of gossip:

I hear corduroy pillows are really making headlines.

Very punny.

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Congratulations, AndPreciousLittleofThat and Miss_Pia_Z!