T-Mobile Accidentally Made A Sexy Christmas Ad

The season of holiday advertisements is upon us, and soon enough—because the same ten ads are basically played on an endless loop—we will all be able to recite each sappy jewelry commercial from memory and hum along with each mind-numbing yet effective jingle. But thanks to this seemingly benign ad from T-Mobile, our Christmas ad watching just got a little more exciting.

At first glance, it's only a bunch of elves working in Santa's T-Mobile workshop. But then they start singing about a 4G wonderland...and if you don't listen very carefully it sounds like they're saying "orgy wonderland." Suddenly, the promise of these phones and the goings on at this factory seem a lot more exciting. Think of this as an early Christmas gift: when this ad comes on let your mind wander and imagine what would happen in an orgy wonderland. "Orgy speeds, yep they're blistering!"

T-Mobile Walking in an Orgy Wonderland This Holiday [AdWeek]

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Finally I have the proper chance to say this: I hate that T Mobil lady. Not the actress, obviously, whoever she is—I'm sure she's lovely—but the character. The ripoff of the Mac in the hi I'm a Mac/I'm a PC ads, in a stupid fuchsia dress.