Rejected Ginger Seal Pup Gets A Happy Ending, Webcam

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Good news for those whose heart ached after seeing the heartbreaking photos of the lonely, ginger seal all alone in the desolate, wintry countryside whom nobody wanted: Nafanya has a home. The rare, albino seal now resides in the Akvatoria dolphinarium in Russia, where he has quickly become the star attraction.


Yulia Frolova, head of the dolphinarium (why aren't there more dolphinariums in the US?), spoke to the Daily Mail about the seal's new life:

"She has a good appetite, and always seems in a happy mood. She is such an unusual seal with very beautiful bright blue eyes. When she arrived, she was tired after the long flight, but soon picked up her appetite. 'Nafanya is such a lovely animal and is certainly not afraid of people."


For those who are unable to travel all the way to Russia to see the seal, Nafanya has his own live webcam that you can watch during broadcasts between 7am and 1pm UK time. Hooray for happy endings!

Loneliest seal in the world, shunned by her colony for being ginger, is now the centre of attention at Russian zoo... and loving it [Daily Mail]

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Red hair, no friends, still stands as an aphorism in the animal world. You watch the other animals bear this out. I mean, look at those can't have red hair and those flippers and expect to be welcomed into a new zoo (read school). Start sharpening the club.