Pregnant Country Singer Mindy McCready And Her 5-Year-Old Son Finally Found After Rumored Kidnapping

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Four days after they were reported missing, country star Mindy McCready and her 5-year-old son Zander were found hiding in a closet in an Arkansas home and the boy has since been taken into custody.

The saga began when McCready took Zander from her father's home in Cape Coral, Florida several days ago and didn't return. Later it was confirmed that the star, whose mother has custody of Zander, is pregnant with twins. The father of the twins is reportedly McCready's music producer boyfriend of two years, David Wilson.

McCready, who was formerly on Celebrity Rehab, also attempted suicide in May 2010 by taking "a near lethal dose of prescription pills." I know. I also wish I had a cheerier bit to tell you about.


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Oh Mindy... I hope you can get it together.

I feel so badly for her—she has been in and out of trouble for so many years now. I hope her child and her future children have a stable environment in which to live and I hope she can pull out of whatever emotional battle she has been waging. As a survivor of mental illness (severe PPD/PPP) I know it can be done, and I wish her well. She has so much to live for.