Weatherman Tries To Get An Intern To Give Him An On-Air Massage

This compilation of footage from KTLA starts out with a guy on a hot mic asking someone named Irene to bring him a cup of coffee. Then we see a slick-looking weather guy making fun of the guy on the mic, and then we see Irene get in on the joke as she comes out and hands another reporter a coffee. Soon we're back to the weather guy, who's also getting a coffee from Irene. Ok, we get it: everybody wants a coffee from Irene—who it turns out is their brand new intern. Kind of funny... Except then the weather guy, Henry DiCarlo, takes it one step too far and grabs Irene's hand, instructing her to start massaging his shoulder. Aaand yikes! Be careful not to cringe so hard that you pull a facial muscle! The female anchor steps in and demands that Irene not go along with this joke, saying creepily, "It'll be horrible for your career later on. Seriously. Trust me." And then much awkward giggling ensues. Irene seems to have escaped unharmed, but here's a fun fact about Henry: he is no stranger to behaving like an idiot. Just yesterday he threw an on-air temper tantrum.


[Via Buzzfeed]


Kat Callahan

Cringeworthy, but just in general, pretty amused.