More Evidence That Kim Kardashian's Divorce Was Planned

If Kim Kardashian wanted us to learn anything about her these past few years it's that her "talent" is branding. That girl doesn't have a single eyelash out of place, so it seemed odd that on last night's episode of Kim & Kourtney Take New York she confided in her mother—on camera—that her marriage wasn't working if it wasn't part of a larger scheme that starts with filing for divorce from Wedding Day Ken and ends with total world domination.

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It's weird that nearly everyone claims to know the ins-and-outs of the whole saga, but suffixes all of these sentences with, "...but I like totally don't watch the show. I just see clips to make fun of it." Same phenomenon with Jersey Shore. Someone out there is watching it, amirite? I can't be alone in thinking this is kinda funny.

(FWIW, I actually don't watch anything because I'm f*cking broke and don't have cable. It's just an observation!)