Brad Pitt's Boyish Laughter Will Charm Your Pants Off

Brad Pitt just can't seem to hold it together in these outtakes from Moneyball, but that's okay because everybody thinks he's going to win a Golden Globe tonight and he's a beautiful human being, maybe even the most beautiful. Rob Lowe was giving him a run for his money until the unfortunate Drew Peterson incident, but the sparkling face of Youngblood has been forever marred by a hideous grey mustache. Though I think it's pretty obvious from this video, in the spirit of the upcoming game of eenie-meenie that is our presidential election, I'll give you guys a choice: Brad Pitt or Rob Lowe?

[via Hollywood-Elsewhere]
Lifetime Movie on Drew Peterson[SunTimes]

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Even though Rob Lowe went on record saying how "The Fountainhead" changed his life, I can't really hate him because I think he's so gosh darn hilarious on Parks and Rec.