Yoga Saves US Women's Soccer Team From Shooting Rampage and Starbucks Trip

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The US Women's Olympic soccer team was saved from a shooting in the Vancouver hotel where they were staying by a well-timed yoga session. Unfortunately, the shooting interfered with the team's plans to go to Starbucks. Can't win 'em all.

Hope Solo and company were staying at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center during the CONCACAF (world champion longest acronym ever!) Olympic Soccer Trials and were not in the lobby when the shooting occurred. Solo tweeted that the team was all exercised and about to go buy some shitty, ashtray flavored coffee when the shooting started. One man died.

So it turns out that yoga can not only improve flexibility and strength, but it can also save participants from death. Your move, New York Times..


Yoga Session keeps US Soccer Team Away from Deadly Shooting in their Hotel [Yahoo]

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Holy shit. The link was updated and reads: Though the identity of the victim has yet to be officially released, The Province reports that it was 36-year-old Sandip Duhre, a "notorious gangster marked for death since 2005." Duhre, along with his two brothers, was head of the Duhre Group, which includes 50 to 100 members and is a major force in the area's drug trade.

That's so random and scary. Glad to hear the soccer team is safe. I hope there were no other innocent bystanders harmed or killed.