Sorority Girls: America's Greek System Is Ready to Invade and Conquer Britain

Last night, TLC debuted Sorority Girls, a British show about a group of young American women who love the Greek system so much that they head across the pond to open Sigma Gamma, the UK's first sorority. Britain has been on a roll when it comes to reality TV lately (The Virgin Diaries, Desperate Scousewives, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) and Sorority Girls definitely follows in the tradition of proving that the United Kingdom is not entirely made up of Colin Firths and the cast of Downton Abbey. It's true, being trashy is no longer exclusively American. Let's throw all of our off-brand velour sweatsuits into the Boston Harbor because this is absolute bullshit.


Sorority Girls portrays, perhaps sarcastically, the American sorority girls as a civilizing force of swooping hair that has come to save the lady chavs of Leeds from their vagina-skimming skirts and dip-dyed skin. Unfortunately for the Sigma Gammas, they come off just as stupid and shallow as the contender who wants to date Simon Cowell and applies a spray tan 2-3 times a day. I mean, would you ever take lifestyle advice from someone wearing a hipster halo?

To get to know the pledges a little better, the Sigma Gammas host a talent night. This was their contribution.

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And here is the best reaction ever.

Lastly, everyone gets a pearl necklace.

Next week, the pledges and sisters will move under one roof and kick off a series of hazing rituals. Will the girls of Sigma Gamma be able to maintain their image as models of composure and piety as they blow air horns directly into their peers' ears and force them into a multitude of degrading situations? God, I hope not.

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Um, excuse me, Desperate WHATwives??? What is a "scouse"? I googled the show and watched the preview, but it still left me uninformed...