Amazing Little Girl Can Give Better Directions Than Any GPS

So many of us have become completely dependent on our phones and GPS systems for guidance, that we'd be hard pressed to give someone directions to the nearest corner if asked. Well, not this little genius. She's got the route to her house down pat—and it's not an easy path to travel. I wish there was a way to have her ride along in the car on trips, since she seems like a lot more fun that that stone cold British woman who lives inside the GPS.

[Via Tastefully Offensive]

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I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and that's how we gave directions, too! "You go down this road, take a left at the farm with the blue roof, then, when you get to a crossing that has the big oak tree with the crack down the middle, take a right, go 3 miles until you get to a white house that has an angry dog tied up in front, then you take a left and make sure you follow the dark dirt road, not the sandy dirt road...."

You gotta do it that way when you don't have road signs or street signs. Or real roads.