14-Year-Old X Factor Reject Rachel Crow Lands Awesome Deal With Nickelodeon

Good news for season one X Factor USA fans. Public and Simon Cowell-favorite Rachel Crow has recently been signed to an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon that includes both a record deal and her own comedy series. Not a bad consolation prize for the girl who came in 5th place after Nicole Scherzinger sent the judges' vote to a deadlock (Cheryl Cole never would have done that).

Says Simon Cowell:

I am incredibly happy for Rachel. This girl has it. We saw her potential at the first audition and Nickelodeon and Columbia are the right homes for her.

Just for kicks, here's the video of her initial audition. The kid has pipes and is as cute as a button. Hopefully, Nickelodeon lets her stay that way.


Rachel Crow Nickelodeon TALENT DEAL [OceanUp]

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Did anyone else see when Rachel Crow was eliminated, she had this weird moment with her mother where she was crying and crazy-eyed saying, "Mommy. You promised me! You promised me!!" over and over? I was wondering what her mom promised her. That her daughter was going to be a big star? That if her daughter was voted off they would hire a hitman to eliminate the judges? That if she didn't make it on X-Factor, she would totally score a Nickleodeon gig?